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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Whether it's my personal favourite of Wildflowers, Lavender, Bluebells or the happy Sunflowers, there is a field waiting for you.

Come join me!

We will spend an hour of fun catching those candid moments of you and your family or if you prefer a relaxed portrait session.

Lets talk!

Send me an email, let's arrange this session.

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  • wildandbarefootpho

Have ideas for a fun session? Let me add fuel to your fire,

With so many fascinating locations we really can have some fun,

Check out this halloween session!

If you love all thinks spooky then you will love a halloween session, I'm full of ideas, let's talk.

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  • wildandbarefootpho

Looking for a photographer for your jewellery? Let me help you, I have a lot of fun on these shoots mainly because its the detail shots which I love.

Wanting a model for your products?

I can supply a model. My go to model is @sunvalleybetty, we love to get creative and come up with some great concepts for your product to stand out.

How will you receive your photos?

You will have your own password protected client gallery so you can download as many times as you want.

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